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    WAP push message with j2me

    Is it possible to send a wap push message using j2me?



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    Re: WAP push message with j2me

    Hello Maoz,

    I also wanted to do this. Write a small app for my phone, so if I meet somebody who I want to give one of my applications, I can send a wap-push sms.

    It is not possible with JME.

    The JME security layer does not allow it.
    Wap-Push SMS uses a restritced port.
    An idea is to use AT command to send a SMS, but you can also not access AT-command from JME.
    Maybe it is possible with python.

    Also, sometimes a normal sms with a link in it is also good enough.
    (Soemtimes wap push is not reliable anyway, because on some phones you need to configure to receive Wap-Push-SMS from somebody else than your provider. Otherwise the sms is just ignored. But the costs are not ignored :-( )

    Karsten Meier

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