I am trying to make a WiFi client-server app in pys60 and I need some help with the threads part in SymbianOS.

main ideea of the app:

the client (runs on the phone) can:
communicate with the PC server +
render 3d objects (so far only basic objects read from a file).

the server can:
store a big 3d scene filled with objects
communicate with the pys60 client and send the objects back to the client

Both features (networking, 3D) work so far, but sepparate.

My problem is with the threads in symbianOS: i want to create a thread that from time to time sends the client position in the scene back to the server. If new objects come into view, the server will send back the new objects and they will get rendered.

So how can I periodicaly send updates to the server without stoping the rendering process?

main loop looks like this:
if __name__ == '__main__':
        new3d = lib3d.Render() #get a new render object

    except Exception,e:
        appuifw.note(u"Cannot start: %s" % (e))

        # create the canvas
        appuifw.app.body = new3d.canvas
        appuifw.app.exit_key_handler = new3d.set_exit
        new3d.initgl() #opengl es init 
        createMenuItems() #create the menu

        while running:
            new3d.run(objects) #draw a scene with the objects provided
            #HERE in paralel, from time to time i would like to update my position to the server. basicaly send new3d.position to the server

        del new3d