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    Pratical widgets development - Webinar

    Hi all,

    This is for us to discuss the concepts presented in the Practical WRT Widgets Development webinar held by me on April 30th. Please send your questions/comments to this thread and I will answer them on a daily basis!

    Daniel Rocha

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    Here are the answers from the Q&A portion of the Webinar:

    1. Pedro Fraca: How can I extend the KJS engine? using NPAPI(Netscape plugin API)?

    You can go to http://trac.webkit.org/wiki/S60Webkit and see more details on how to participate in the open source S60WebKit project, which includes the KJS core. NPAPI is focused in building plug-ins for the current browsers, to allow displaying of different content types. For example, you can create a plug-in to display your own video format, or a customized data stream that only makes sense to your plug-in.

    2. peruperumal: Does widget take more memory or resources to run on th phone comapred to native apps

    Yes, widgets are slower and take up more memory resources than the native applications, because widgets are run by browser engine instances. However, this should not affect final user experience, as widgets are more designed to be data fetchers/displayers than performance-intensive applications.

    3. Pedro Fraca: When you talk about Location in the next phase, do you mean cell id location?

    All that is available to the Location Framework of native S60, that means GPS and Assisted GPS, which makes use of Cell ID location technique.

    4. Can Dogancan: Nokia N73 is very popular because of price versus abilities. Is it also supported?

    Support for widgets began with selected S60 3.1 devices, and will be platform-default in 3.2. I have no information about an eventual backport of the widgets engine to 3.0 devices such as Nokia N73.

    5. oey wan: Will it be possible to use a widget to start or run a J2Me.file ?

    On S60 3rd. Edition Feature Pack 2 devices, it will be possible to launch a J2ME application, provided that this app defines the Nokia-MIDlet-UID param in its .jad file.

    6. peruperumal: Does the widget needs siging to install it on the phone?

    No signing is needed. Widgets run a sandbox defined as untrusted by default, therefore it doesn't need any signing or going through the Symbian Signed testing program.

    7. Eric Huang: Will javascript function support GPS function, like reading current position?

    It will support GPS funcion in the next releases.

    8. Alberto: If supported, can we have access to the 3D motion Sensor within the phone?

    It's not supported right now, but we have plans to support it in the next releases.

    9. Can Dogancan: I tried to access web site http://xdawrt001.ext.nokia.com/ but it needs authentication?

    Yes, it does. Username is "wrt" and password is "alpha.2008".

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    Re: Pratical widgets development - Webinar

    does nokia have any plans to support interaction with a database on the device?

    For example the WRT installer contains a database, and the WRT run time enables searching through the database from queries sent by the WRT application.

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    Question WRT Release cycle

    Quote Originally Posted by dcrocha View Post
    Please send your questions/comments to this thread and I will answer them on a daily basis!
    I am wondering what the nominal release cycle is for updates. I submitted a bug report during the WRT Beta period:
    It is now labeled as "FIXED" and I'd like to get a sense as to when it might be available. Will it require a "simple" change to WRT, or does it require alternative/additional support from the SDK or OS?


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