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    Develop for the Mobile Web Server on Windows ?

    Hi, I have just registered for the challenge and I was very curious about the technical requirements of the development process. I don't have a Symbian Nokia phone.

    How then , a developer can contribute or develop using provided SDKs and servers.

    Please don't tell me to read the contest details again, I did.

    If anybody knows, please share if this is possible. Even a Linux dev-environment would be good.


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    Smile Re: Develop for the Mobile Web Server on Windows ?


    You can start by installing nokia sdk and on top of it MWS sdk. Once you have set it up. You can go to menu->applications->webserver and setup the webserver.

    You can then host your website in <path of installation>\Epoc32\winscw\c\data\Web server\htdocs\<yourwebSite>

    Get a carbide express version installed for starting up with development of Symbian.

    Hope this helps


    -- MVP

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    Re: Develop for the Mobile Web Server on Windows ?

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