I have been playing for a while with 3D models to be rendered using OGL ES. However, most of that i was doing was basic models with out real texturung (what is usually used in detailed models). I was intending to write my own parser for md2 format but then i thought maybe i can raise the question here and see what is available.

so my questions are:

1- Are there any ready parsers to help impoting 3d models data to OGL ES (like ones for the formats obj, md2, md3, milkshape, 3DS MAX...)?

2- What is the easiest way to have a textured human-like model on the phone? what is the recommended one for animated models and for static ones? is it md2 and obj or are there any otehrs?

3- Is COLLADA and option for this? Is there a parser for that?

many thanx