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    midlet program navigation keys

    How can I use the navigations keys or keypad keys to assign commands in a midlet (like soft keys)?
    I need a midlet that performs specific actions when these keys are pressed.
    Thank you.

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    Re: midlet program navigation keys

    Hello sebiskaa,

    The normal high-level interface elements take control of the navigation keys and do not allow you change the behaviour.

    You need either a Canvas or a CustomItem. These classes have methods keyPressed() and keyReleased().

    You need some code like this in your keyReleased method:
    int gamecode = this.getGameAction(keyCode);
    switch (gamecode){
       case DOWN:
       case UP:

    Karsten Meier

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    Re: midlet program navigation keys

    any other way of doing this from netbeans?

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