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    super lite theme open source project

    Ive started developing a super lite theme for my N80 , my goal is to make a theme that uses the least amount of memory (ram). so far Ive managed to free up about 3 - 4 megs by having this lite weight theme. My phone processes quicker and i don't get the "out of memory" message so much anymore.
    I would like to post my theme files for download / review / modification , can i post theme somewhere on this web site ?

    I would like poeple to take my theme and play with it and lets see what we can come up with.

    I want to keep this project as a open source project for all the n70 n71 n80 , etc .. users out there that are using a theme that kills your phone.

    Ive uploaded all the files , zipped , to http://mosh.nokia.com/myuploads , under the name " super lite theme open source project "
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