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    Question BIO Message Parser Starting Application + Security Hole ?

    Hello Everyone,

    I've developed a Bio Message parser (my phone E70) that parses a specific Bio Message and opens a custom application. What I'm seeking with this thread is an insight why I'm getting weird errors and why my "not embeddable" application is being embedded in the Messaging Application.

    The Bio Message Parser Resource is Defined Like this:

    #include "biftool2.rh"
    	message_type_uid=<uid of the bio message type>;
    	message_app_uid=<uid of my application>; 
    	icon_zoom_levels = {1};
    Documentation of the BIO_INFO_FILE: http://www.symbian.com/developer/tec...INFO_FILE.html

    The Bio Message Application Resource (the one that will be invoked when the user open the Bio Message) is defined like this:

    #include <appinfo.rh>
    #include <BioApp.rsg>
    #include <uikon.rh>
    UID2 KUidAppRegistrationResourceFile
    UID3 <id of my application>
      localisable_resource_file = "\\resource\\apps\\BioApp";
      localisable_resource_id = R_BIOAPP_LOCALISABLE_APP_INFO;
      // ProcessCommandParametersL will be invoked.
      opaque_data = r_startup_type;
    RESOURCE NUMBER_INT8 r_startup_type
      // the value doesnt matter.
      value = 1;
    As you can see my application is defined to not embeddable but when the user open the Bio Message, the native messaging application opens my Application and it's embedded. (What's an embeddable application - Nokia FAQ: http://www.symbian.com/developer/tec.../faq_1129.html)

    Another issue that I'm facing is that a wild system error is being shown when my Bio Message application is being opened by the parser:

    "General: Feature not supported"

    I'm struggling to understand what's happening here. "Feature not supported" doesn't mean anything to me, because my Bio Message is being correctly parsed and my Bio Message application is being opened (although embedded which I don't want to.)

    Anyone is kind enough to point me in the right direction to fix this problems ? or atleast enlight me what's happening ?

    Nokia Security Hole:

    I'm being able to run two instances of the SAME application with the same UID. Here's what I've done:

    1. I've sent a Bio Message to my phone and opened it. The message is parsed and my Bio Message Application is opened (embedded) in the Messaging Application.

    2. I navigate to my installed application and open a second instance of the Bio Message Application.

    3. Right now I've two instances running. One embedded another standalone.

    4. Now I open my task list and kills the Messaging Application. BOOMM, the Bio Message Application that was running embedded is now running standalone with another instance of the same application running standalone. I never thought that this was possible.


    I'm asking kindly if there's anyone that can point me in the right direction to overcome the challenges that I've pointed in this thread.

    Thank you for the attention and time.

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    Re: BIO Message Parser Starting Application + Security Hole ?


    Anyone can at least give me an insight ?

    Thank you for the attention and time.

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