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    CEikCommandButton::SetCommandL problem

    I have to add a (play) button in my application. I have added a button using CEikCommandButton.

    HTML Code:
    iButton = new(ELeave) CEikCommandButton();
    The button is displayed properly. Now I have to add a command to that particular button, I have tried using "SetCommandL" but then it requires bitmap and mask, presently I dont want to use bitmap and mask, so I have set it to NULL, but then it gives error.

    HTML Code:

    Errors are :
    'CEikCommandButton::SetCommandL(int, const TDesC16 *, const CFbsBitmap *, const CFbsBitmap *)' (non-static)

    function call '[CEikCommandButton].SetCommandL(TSoundCommands, {lval} const TLitC<5>, int, int)' does not match

    I dont want to use bitmap, how to add a command to button withoud using bitmap and mask.


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    Re: CEikCommandButton::SetCommandL problem

    Only 4 arguments, you might have considered checking them for yourself...

    Anyway, you probably wanted to write &KTest ("const TDesC16 *operator &() const;" of TLitC) - if it does not work, &KTest().

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    Re: CEikCommandButton::SetCommandL problem

    Hey thanx... I was just thinking abt the bitmap that's why I was thinking that only..... so stupid of me....!!!

    One more help can u tell

    1.When to use "AddCommandToStackL" (or name of some documents that gives explanation)

    2. On button click the play should work for that I have to add code in "OfferKeyEventL()", for that how to set button name I mean

    HTML Code:
    switch (aKeyEvent.iCode)
      case buttonname:

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