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    Problem in displaying available contacts in list


    I am trying to read contacts from all kinds of memory(i.e., SIM, Phone Memory) and want to display them as list for user to select desired contacts in my application. If a user has more contacts then it is taking so time to do all this process of reading and displaying them as a list for selection is there any optimized way of achieving this?

    Currently what I am doing is first fetching all the contacts from “PIM.CONTACT_LIST” into an enumeration and iterating it to create a list with selection option. I am doing this in a separate thread instead of my main thread, still it takes so much time for populating contacts in to list. Below is the sample code of what am doing:

    List lstContacts = numm;
    ContactList contactsList = null;
    int intContactStoredIn = 0;
    Enumeration enumContacts = null;
    int numTotalContacts = 0;

    this.objPim = PIM.getInstance();

    try {
    String[] memoryList = this.objPim.listPIMLists(PIM.CONTACT_LIST);

    for(int i=0; i<memoryList.length; i++) {
    contactsList = (ContactList)this.objPim.openPIMList(PIM.CONTACT_LIST, PIM.READ_ONLY, memoryList[i]);
    if( (memoryList[i].indexOf("SIM") != -1) || (memoryList[i].indexOf("UIM") != -1) || (memoryList[i].indexOf("CARD") != -1))
    intContactStoredIn = 1;

    enumContacts = contactsList.items();
    String strContactName = "";

    while(enumContacts.hasMoreElements()) {
    strContactName = "";
    Contact contact = (Contact)enumContacts.nextElement();

    strContactName = contact.getString(contact.NAME_GIVEN, contact.ATTR_NONE);
    strContactName += contact.getString(contact.NAME_FAMILY, contact.ATTR_NONE);
    strContactName += contact.getString(contact.NAME_OTHER, contact.ATTR_NONE);
    strContactName += contact.getString(contact.FORMATTED_NAME, contact.ATTR_NONE);


    lstContacts.append(strContactName, null);
    catch(Exception ex) {
    System.out.println("Exception : " + ex);

    Is there any optimize way of achieving it? Or is there any other alternate for displaying contacts with selectable option in my application?


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    Re: Problem in displaying available contacts in list

    Not an answer to your question, but a related note. On S60 phones you cannot access the SIM card contacts, on Series 40 phones you can.

    And I'll let others to give you optimization tips (as I do not have any recommendations at this point)


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    Re: Problem in displaying available contacts in list

    Thnx Hartti.. Hope some will provide an optimized solution for this.

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