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    Jad & Jar hosting problem

    i did a simple j2me application and i am trying to host it on one of my own domain. so any one can download it via a wap site.

    guys, when i try to download the JAD file it opens in text format.

    i am using apache server, MIME types are setted for JAD , JAR , WAP types. i cant figure out the problem please let me know how i can over come this


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    are you sure you have setted the file extention mime tye in your http server correctly?
    it should be as follows..

    Extension: jad
    Content-type: text/vnd.sun.j2me.app-descriptor


    Extension: jar
    Content-type: application/java-archive

    what server do you use? iis,apachie,tomcat?

    you can always use the site www.getjar.com to host it

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    Re: Jad & Jar hosting problem

    Try posting links to sample Jar/Jad files hosted on your domain, so we can quickly test for possible problems.


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