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    Valid Location (JSR179) without an NMEA String ?

    I've been using JSR179 API's to obtain, well, locations
    To make it compatible with my software i decided to use the getExtraInfo("application/X-jsr179-location-nmea") method to obtain the NMEA string from a Valid Location...

    It worked untill I tried to change the powerUsage to Low...

    after that the received Locations still are compliant to the isValid() method but it wont return me a getExtraInfo("application/X-jsr179-location-nmea") String ! Instead it will return null...

    So anyone who had the same problem or knows why I wont be able to obtain the NMEA string when power usage has been changed in the used criteria ?

    After some trying it works if I set the Power Requirements to Medium.. so now the question is : how much more (or less) does the Medium value use compared to the NO_REQUIREMENT value ? Cant find any info about it on the API documentation
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