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    Cool Flashlite 3 mp3tunes.com player for N95 8GB

    Hi guys,

    Just a quick heads up to let you know I have released my first version of my mp3tunes.com music locker player.

    I authored it in Flash (lite) and packaged it using KuneriLite.

    It's for N95 8GB with latest firmware - to take advantage of the sizeable RAM available

    So if you have an N95 8GB (or other flashlite3 capable phone) I'd appreciate it if you could take a look, vote for me on mosh if you like it, and give me any feedback:


    Thanks in advance,



    If you don't yet have an mp3tunes locker you can install the application and try it out with the mp3tunes.com demo account:

    login : demo@mp3tunes.com
    password : demo


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    Re: Flashlite 3 mp3tunes.com player for N95 8GB

    Cool, will give it a try

    BTW, are you planning to open the source up later on? I could give a hand for UI


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    Cool Re: Flashlite 3 mp3tunes.com player for N95 8GB


    I've got an updated version to upload (fixes a couple of small bugs).

    I might release the source at some point - but I think I'd want to tidy the code somewhat first


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