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    SDK3: unable to store calendar item (6310) in VB

    I try to save a calendar item (e.g. a memo).
    I can read an item:
    Dim pICalendarItemServ As NokiaCLCalendar.CalendarService
    Set pICalendarItemServ = New NokiaCLCalendar.CalendarService
    k = 17 'use a valid index!
    Set pICalItem = pICalendarItemServ.ReadCalendarItem(k)

    but then saving it (even without any changes)
    Call pICalendarItemServ.UpdateCalendarItem(k, pICalItem, 0)
    results in the error: 'Invalid parameters used'

    Same is when I creat a new calendar item and want to save it with
    k = pICalendarItemServ.WriteCalendarItem(pICalItem)

    How do I have to set the parameter ChangeCounter?
    I cannot read it by e.g.
    k = pICalItem.ChangeCounter
    error: 'invalid usage of a property'

    Please help me.

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    RE: SDK3: unable to store calendar item (6310) in VB

    Try this:

    Set pICalItem = pICalendarItemServ.ReadCalendarItem(k)
    If pICalItem.Type = CALENDAR_TYPE_MEETING Then
    Set pIMeeting = pICalItem.TypeProperties
    pIMeeting.Subject = pIMeeting.Subject & " new"
    pICalendarItemServ.UpdateCalendarItem k, pIMeeting, changeCounter
    end if

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