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    Help needed in Low-leve GUI.

    I created a MIDlet and I created a canvas sub class and used paint method to draw on the screen.

    Now I want to transfer the control back from the Canvas Subclass to the MIDlet.( For closing my MIDlet).

    I created the following classes,
    a MIDlet class,
    a Canvas subclass.(to draw)
    Please help me.

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    Re: Help needed in Low-leve GUI.

    what exactly is the question? what do you mean transfer control to midlet? the midlet is always there...
    you can close your midlet by calling midlet.notifydestroy and midlet.destroyapp


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    Re: Help needed in Low-leve GUI.

    may be you just need to throw the midlet to you canvas.and use its reference from there to close.
    class myMidlet extends MIDlet{

    public void startApp() {
    Display.getDisplay(this).setCurrent(new MyCanvas(this));/*now u can use this referance from your mycanvas to close the application*/

    hope you mean that.
    Wael Nabil
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    Re: Help needed in Low-leve GUI.

    Hi there,

    Just adding the reply to these posts.

    First of all make sure that what you are asking for..
    To transfer the control from canvas to midlet what does it ,mean.See midlet is the only way through which your canvas (or any displayable)is visible.So i hope you are asking for how to display the midlet rather than canvas.

    If it is the case then...think whether midlet is an object of displayable ..i guess no..

    Thanks with Regards,

    R a j - The K e r n e l

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