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    Question RMS in WTK2.5.2 problem?


    i am developing a Midlet Servlet communication based application.
    In the application i need to store some values in Mobile Memory (Record Set) i was using WTK 2.2 and there i find the .db files in C:\WTK22\appdb\DefaultColorPhone , when my application was running. But when i switched to WTK 2.5.2 the location was not found in that folder not even the DB files for RMS.

    please tell me from where should i find that ???

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    Re: RMS in WTK2.5.2 problem?

    in your root wtk 2.5 directory go to appdb
    insted of looking in DefaultColorPhone try looking for a directory tmp.DefaultColorPhone5123 or somthing like that (i dont remember it exactly and i dont have wtk here)
    that directory will only be there while the wtk is running your midlet.
    it should contain all the data of the current phone (but i believe the rms will be clean everytime u run ur app)
    to avoid this use the wtk properties and change the storage root name insted of blank to somthing else like "myroot" that should make it use the regular defaultcolorphone dir.


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