I am developing an application where i need to know the MMS attachments
in the exact order how it was created.

I am not able to find any API to re-order the attachments order.
I have read some forum topics that we have to use SMIL parsing.
I have tried using CSMilParser::ParseL() API.
But i got NULL handle for CSmilPresentation.
I have used the following code.

iParser = CSmilParser::NewL(this);
const TReal KLayoutScaleDown = 0.20;
const TReal KLayoutScaleUp = 2.00;
//Set layout scaling mode
iParser->SetMaxDownUpScaling( static_cast<TReal32>( KLayoutScaleDown ),
static_cast<TReal32>( KLayoutScaleUp ) );
iPresentation = iParser->ParseL(aFilename, KNullDesC());

Has any one tried any other approach to get the attachments in order?
If smil parsing is the only way, can any one please provide pointers for the same?