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    How to handle key press events in a flash lite 3 application embedded in a html


    I am new to both flash and this community. I have a simple flash lite 3 application (which plays an rtmp stream from an external FMS) with a couple of buttons on it. When I run it on emulator (Device Central CS3) I can interact with the buttons using keys and also navigation keys (as tabs to move around the buttons).

    However when I publish the flash file into a html and load that from my web server which also hosts my FMS (I have to do it, otherwise due to the sand box, my video stream doesnt play) the n958gb gives me a virtual mouse thingy (which is really bad by the way) and takes away all key control from my flash file (even the number keys hav some shortcuts). Although I can click on the buttons using the mouse, the mouse interface is really bad and I would prefer some thing like a tab key to move around the buttons quickly, at least.

    How do I get around this virual mouse and get to key handling.

    I am using the FL3 that comes in built with the phone, not the developer version.


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    Re: How to handle key press events in a flash lite 3 application embedded in a html

    I am also facing the same problem and been trying to bypass with softkey, ascii reads, all does not work, it does not allow "focus" on the embedded flash to respond to the keypressed.

    Does anyone else know how to work this?

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    Re: How to handle key press events in a flash lite 3 application embedded in a html

    Have you tried setting the focus on the flash with Javascript like:
    window.onload = init;

    function init(){document.getElementById("IdOfFlashElement").focus()}

    Aanyway, what's happening here is, that you are in the browser and not in the standalone player. Try putting your .swf into a folder called "trusted" in the device see more here: http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?t=128030

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