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    Uploading a .jar to 6021...No Go

    I have a .jar and a .jad file for a program. got it from GetJar.com. It's supposed to work on my 6021, but:

    I upload the .jar file to my 6021 with the Nokia PC Suite (application Installer).
    (in the upload screen, I see no mention of the .jad file..., only the .jar, so what do I do with the .jad ?)
    then , when running the app, I get an error message on the phone screen:
    No Class Def Found

    What can I do ?

    Getjar.com does not give sources, do they ?

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    Re: Uploading a .jar to 6021...No Go

    That Exception means that your Nokia 6021 does not support FileConnection APIs, as it is also stated on device specs here:
    Maybe, since you say that your device should be supported by that particular application, there is a way to run it without filesystem support, but it's hard to say that without knowing the app itself. Maybe you could directly ask the developer for more infos.


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