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    Unhappy My N73 downgrade

    im from germany
    i have updated my n73.
    now its:
    V 4.0812.4.3.1
    (C) Nokia N73 (14)

    its english. but i wand it in german. but there is no german?

    how can i downgrade it to an lower version. because i need the german version/update.

    what can i do?


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    Re: My N73 downgrade

    Note the title: Developer Discussion Boards. Your question better fits to Nokia support forums, like http://discussions.europe.nokia.com/
    Anyway, downgrading is neither possible for you, nor would it solve the problem. Take your device to a Nokia Care Point.

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    Re: My N73 downgrade

    The firmware update would have updated to a German version, if the phone had originally been manufactured for a German speaking region.

    As it it didn't, it is an indication that the phone was originall manufactured for some other country/region (seems like a Chinese speaking place) and later updated by someone (an illegal/grey market importer, possibly) to German firmware without modifying the product code to match.

    When you used Nokia Software Updater, it used the original product code the phone was manufactured with, and put the latest version of that firmware on it (without German).

    You can ask a local Nokia service/repair center if they could assist you: http://www.nokia.com/repair

    And next time, if you buy from a legal/authorized reseller, you're likely to avoid this type of problems.

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