N95-4 S60 Browser Symbian third edition, FP1

Flash Lite embedded in Web Page

I have mapped the Flash Lite movement I require to my 5-way button, which seems to basically work. However, the cursor is still appearing and moving around, and when I use the arrow keys, a second cursor shows up, as though I have come across a selection/text entry box. Any time after any use of the arrow keys, an extra "enter" seems to add itself to the Flash Lite "enter", causing a double entry and other problems. This occurs once only after an arrow key has been pressed, as though when you press enter in a search box and a new page/url is selected and the cursor returns to its general (non-selecting) state. (Then the swf functions normally again until an arrow key is used.)

(Upon navigation to the web page now, you must press "enter" a second time to enage/activate the swf.)

So should/can the cursor be disabled so the five way button is only talking to the swf and not the screen/page? (this must be done after the swf is activated by two "enter" 's, unless there is a way to self-activate the swf, which would be good.)

Any help would be appreciated.