I am from Croatia and i am a user of Nokia mobile phones for cca 10 years. I hope my next phone is going to be Nokia but that is a very difficult task in my country today. And here is why:

Price of N95 8GB in EU (and in poor USA):

Finland 649 €
Germany 639 €
UK 532 €
France 659 €
Italy 699 €
USA 485 €

Price of N95 8GB in Croatia:

Vemil 882 €
Mobis 882 €

You are probably thinking that Croatia is small market for phones and cant compare to this oder countrys...but then can someone explain me this:
For the price of N95 8GB in Croatia i can buy two (2) Sony Ericsson K850i (413 €) and i would have 56 € left in my pocket?! And thats not all...for the price of 882 € for N95 i can buy a truck load of top class Samsung/LG/Motorola phones as well.
Or maybe i change my mind and buy this HP 17" core2duo,4 gb ram,250 hdd laptop instead for 900 €
So, can someone please tell me how oder mobile phones and computer parts have relatively normal price but NOKIA is more expensive than all of them put together!?