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    how to display the xml file contents in to a list box?I have a text file which contains locationId and reading that text file and displaing in to a list box.i need to change d text file content to xml file format.and need to display in d list box.what should i do for that?is it possible to update d xml file after creating d jar file?pls help me.

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    Re: xml

    Hi Reshmy,

    as already pointed out in your other thread, to parse XML files you should use some XML APIs, like kXML. Once you have parsed that, you can do anything you want with its content (like displaying particular nodes within a list box).

    About the second question, if you mean updating/modifying an XML file included within the JAR file, than you cannot do it. What you can do is store your XML data using RMS or FileConnection APIs, so that you can freely read/write your data whenever you want.

    Hope it helps,

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