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    S40 and FileConnection: any "private" folder?


    On S40 (say, using a real 6280), I'm able to create files on the following folders, all of them in "file:///c:/predefgallery":
    - predefgraphics
    - predefmusic
    - predefthemes
    - predeftones
    - predefvideos
    - predefphotos
    - predefrecordings

    My question: is there a way to write stuff into another folder (preferably not accessible via user-navigation?)

    On S60: I'm using System.getProperty("fileconn.dir.private"), but it's not available on S40.


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    Re: S40 and FileConnection: any "private" folder?

    It's not a solution, but maybe the setHidden() method could be useful to hide your data to users (if it works on S40..)


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    Re: S40 and FileConnection: any "private" folder?

    Thanks for the suggestion...

    Having some hidden folder in "file:///c:/predefgallery/predefphotos/" should indeed work on the 6280.

    But... there is at least one usability problem with hidden files:

    Say, a user installs a midlet which creates some big hidden folder... What do you do upon uninstallation of the midlet?

    On S60, the situation is handled elegantly: each midlet gets its own "private" folder, which is hidden to user AND automatically deleted upon uninstall.

    On Sony Ericssons, you can create a non-hidden folder in "file:///c:/other/", e.g. "file:///c:/other/MICKEYMOUSE" with hidden files inside... Then, upon uninstall: you could use the "Midlet Delete Confirm" (not tested yet) to fire a custom message, e.g. "Please delete the 'other/MICKEYMOUSE' folder in order to free memory".

    What would you do on a S40? You want to give the user the possibility to free his phone's memory upon uninstall, but the price is high: having a non-hidden folder named MICKEYMOUSE under "photos" in the gallery.

    At least, the possibility on S40 to write stuff into a generic folder (like "other" on Sony Ericssons) would help...

    Any hints?

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