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    Reading message contents on EMsvEntriesDeleted

    I am trying to intercept deletion of a message on EMsvEntriesDeleted. This works fine but I am unable to read the entry that just got deleted (i.e) neither iSmsMtm->SwitchCurrentEntry(deletedEntry) nor iInboxEntry->SetEntryL(deletedEntry) seem to work.

    It does make sense, 'cos the entry is already deleted at that point. Does anyone know how I can intercept messages getting deleted? All I need is the contents of the message getting deleted. I do not want to cancel the deletion and so on.

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    Re: Reading message contents on EMsvEntriesDeleted

    Practically I would say that the messages may be completely removed by the time you get the event (hence the past tense). Theoretically there is a KMsvDeletedEntryFolderEntryId in msvids.h, but I do not know if this folder actually exists or not, you can check.

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