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    Unable to install .jar file on N72 mobile

    I have a J2ME programme containing socket connection to the server. This programme works fine on emulator and on other mobile like 7610, N73 etc...
    I am sure about the CLDC and MIDP version compatiability with N72, but when I try to install .jar file of above programme the handset gives me error "Unable to install, invalid file."

    Kindly suggest me any other way to correct my programme..

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    Re: Unable to install .jar file on N72 mobile

    Welcome to the Forum Nokia discussion boards, Deepaliakolkar!

    How are you installing the file? Locally? OTA?
    Are you using JAD at all? if yes, can you post the contents in here. If not, can you post the contents of manifest file (inside the jar)


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    Unhappy Re: Unable to install .jar file on N72 mobile

    Hello Friends,

    I have developed j2me application. It is running well in emulator but when I tried to install it to my mobile (Nokia N72, series S60), i got an error message showing version not supported. According my knowledge Nokia N72 is java enabled so it should not have any to install j2me application.

    If any one knows about this issue please help me.


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    Re: Unable to install .jar file on N72 mobile

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    Re: Unable to install .jar file on N72 mobile

    hey, I was wondering, could someone start a thread about known installation issues: for example
    1. if the jar is corrupted.
    2. if the size is too big.

    you know, with a short easy to understand labels and a short explanations

    for example, by accident I had a rar file in the project folder, and that gave an error on installation on N97...stuff like that could really save people time, both for those who look for the answer and for those who supply the answers...
    Adam Zehavi.

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    Smile Re: Unable to install .jar file on N72 mobile


    try to check your MIDP version and cldc version
    It should be MIDP 2.0 and cldc 1.1
    and try to check size of jar file and size mention of jar file in jad.both should be same.

    Ajay Prajapati
    Mobile Software Developer

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