Hi frnds,
I m new in symbian I tried running HelloWorld on emulator, now I want create .sis file but it doesnt created. I tried to create it using following steps...
First I m having 3rd edition FP2 s60 sdk, carbide V1.3.
After building project, I right clicked on .pkg file in project explorer n then selected "Build PKG file" option, and it gives me smthing like this....

" ***Building "HelloWorld_EKA2.pkg" for project "HelloWorld" and configuration "Phone Release (GCCE) [S60_3rd_FP2_SDK]".
No SIS Builder info found for pkg file.
Total Time: 0 sec "

I want to kno that "No SIS Builder info found for pkg file" wht does it mean....even i tried creating using makesis tool using command prompt but it didnt work.