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    problem of communicating an internetradio over rtsp

    I want to communicate an internetradio over rtsp to implement play radio stream by modifying shoutcast engine example,i think i can connect radio by RSocket iSock:
    iSock.Connect(*iAddr, iStatus);
    i must implement SendRequestToServerL,ReceiveResponseFromServerL,ParseResponseFromServerL(),but i don't know what's the Request and Response of internetradio'rtsp

    who can help me ,or tell me some example that can settle these problems.

    thank you !
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    Re: problem of communicating an internetradio over rstp

    Hello miqitangguo,

    unfortunately I will not be able to answer your question, I'm not an expert in Symbian prg.

    But maybe you can help me with my rtsp question. I setup a QuickTimeStreamingServer and I would like to know if rtsp protocol have to be careed over http (port80) to be able to run ?


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