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    dialog creation dynamically

    hi guys,

    i need to create a dialog dynamically and i have used richtexteditor in that.The main thing that i am stuck is if i launch the dialog then i need to get some information.

    for ex:i have a "TYPE" field in that and every time i launch the dialog i need to get the TYPE and following to that i need to get the the information of that ..........how to create this type of dialog and even i need to get the icon dynamically....

    and i have written an extra class for the dialog loki MyDialog.cpp in that i overrided "prelayoutinit" function and "postlayout" function in that and in that actuall resource file i have just only defined the dialog and as you know i need get that dialog items dynamically so i am creating richtext editor in that "pre"fucntion so can you tell me how to create a richtexteditor there and how to insert the text dynamically over there......

    and where do i get the documentation and information of all the flags that we use in dialogs and editors....

    thanks for the help,
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    Cool Re: dialog creation dynamically


    You can search in s60 Documentation for "Implementing a Dialog" for list of flags used in Dialogs.
    Also you can search in Documentation for "Editor types" for list of editors.


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