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    Cannot include cmmanager.h

    Hi ,

    I have been trying to do some basic example in using Connection Settings API
    but when I try to include the header,it says Cannot find it.

    I have included the LIBRARY cmmanager.lib in my mmp file.I am using S60 3rd edition SDK.
    #include <cmmanager.h>

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    Re: Cannot include cmmanager.h

    what is the excat API class name, and what is the excat error you get ?

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    Re: Cannot include cmmanager.h

    HI JUkka,

    I was trying to execute and se eone of the examples,I downloaded from the forum.Its header file is like this

    #ifndef __ALR_ENGINE_H__
    #define __ALR_ENGINE_H__

    #include <e32base.h>
    #include <e32std.h>
    #include <cmmanager.h>
    #include <es_sock.H>
    #include <ConnPref.h>
    #include <CommDbConnPref.h>
    #include <comms-infras\cs_mobility_apiext.h>

    typedef struct _TBearerType
    TUint32 iUId;
    const TText* iText;

    #define KUidLanBearerType 0x1020737A
    #define KPacketDataBearerType 0x10207378
    #define KPluginVPNBearerTypeUid 0x10281BBD
    #define KUidWlanBearerType 0x10281BB1

    const TBearerType KBearerTable[] =
    { KUidLanBearerType, _S( "Lan" ) },
    { KPacketDataBearerType, _S( "Packet data" ) },
    { KPluginVPNBearerTypeUid, _S( "VPN" ) },
    { KUidWlanBearerType, _S( "Wlan" ) },

    #define KUnknownBearerType _S( "Uknown" );
    const TInt KCmArrayGranularity = 10;

    typedef RArray<TUint32> RDestinationArray;
    typedef RArray<TUint32> RBearerArray;
    typedef RArray<TUint32> RMethodArray;
    class CActiveCommsMobilityApiExt;

    enum TEngineState

    class MConnectionObserver
    virtual void ConnectionState( TInt aState ) = 0;

    class CAlrEngine : public CActive, public MMobilityProtocolResp
    public: // New functions
    inline void SetObserver( MConnectionObserver* aObserver )
    { iObserver = aObserver; }

    void StartToConnect( );
    void StartToConnect( TConnSnapPref aPref );
    void StartToConnect( TCommDbConnPref

    It says connot include this files

    #include <cmmanager.h>
    #include <ConnPref.h>
    #include <CommDbConnPref.h>

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    Re: Cannot include cmmanager.h

    You might consider tell something concrete. It is nice to read that you are experimenting with 'some basic example in using Connection Settings API', which you have 'downloaded from the forum', but it would help more if you would name the example, and perhaps provide a link.
    I have checked, files matching to cmm*.* do not exist at least in S60 2nd noFP, S60 2nd FP2, S60 3rd MR, S60 3rd FP1, UIQ 3.0, neither in the 'SDK API Plug-in' packs.
    The include directory 'comms-infras' (in '#include <comms-infras\cs_mobility_apiext.h>') does not seem to be that standard neither...
    However it helped: searching for cs_mobility_apiext in Google revealed http://www.forum.nokia.com/document/...C0DFED57D.html
    Feel free to read the first paragraph, and act accordingly.

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