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    WML, ASP and Server.Execute

    Salam A Leikum!

    I built my WAP site so that all posted parameters (among others there is a destination parameter) go through one default.asp - where (after I have processed some code) I finally call Server.execute "oneof_my_pages.asp". And the cicele goes round like this.

    This basically works but I am having problems with <do type="prev"><prev/></do> It takes me always back to the firt (login) page. All card numbers I user are unique. Is there a way out?

    Thank U

    - chill -

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    RE: WML, ASP and Server.Execute

    Well you can do this
    <do type="accept" label="Prev">
    <go href="one_of your pages.asp"/>

    My best Regards,

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