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    Bringing Background midlet to Foreground

    Hi all,

    I managed to find a way to run my midlet in the background on series 60 devices using :

    Display display = Display.getDisplay(myMIDletClass);

    as discussed here : http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph..._to_background

    However, once the midlet is in the background, how can I get back to it ?

    I want my user to be able to actively return inside my midlet application.

    Any ideas ?
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    Re: Bringing Background midlet to Doreground


    I hope this link will help you.
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    Re: Bringing Background midlet to Doreground

    afaik its possible to select background apps just by keeping the menu button pressed for some time on the S60 platform...
    and bringing an app to background can be done programatically on the other hand a user can clikco n the menu button and the OS will handle that :P

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