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    Question Problem related to phone call

    Hello Friends,

    I am calling from my application . when call is made then phone
    goes in standby mode. call is made successfully but my application closes.

    how can i remain in my application during call and end call.

    I want to make phone call through my application and remain
    in application.but here . phone call is made and I am not able
    to remain in my application . as it closes .so i again
    have to open my application.

    Please help
    my phone call code is as under:
    TBuf<15> aphoneno;
    CTelephony* iTelephony = CTelephony::NewL();
    CTelephony::TCallId iCallId;
    CTelephony::TTelNumber telNumber(aphoneno);
    CTelephony::TCallParamsV1 callParams;
    callParams.iIdRestrict = CTelephony::ESendMyId;
    CTelephony::TCallParamsV1Pckg callParamsPckg(callParams);
    TRequestStatus iStatus; 
    iTelephony->DialNewCall(iStatus, callParamsPckg, telNumber, iCallId);
    waiting for your kind reply.


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    Re: Problem related to phone call

    Hi Praveen,

    As I think in DialNewCall() method iStatus is used and so this is the asynchronous method.
    You cann't directly use it without active object.

    I think you should just implement follow class in your project.



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    Re: Problem related to phone call

    What is the statement after
    iTelephony->DialNewCall(iStatus, callParamsPckg, telNumber, iCallId);
    If you are not interested in ActiveObject pattern, then perhaps you should consider putting User::WaitForAnyRequest() which waits for any asynchronous request to complete.


    You can use Asynchoronous Methods without Active Objects, but its not recommended, you can use WaitForAnyRequest() static methods from User class, but it will block your current thread until the request is completed. So its always better to wrap Asynchronous Request providers in an Active Object.

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