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    Theme not fully Installed

    I had created a theme for Nokia N73 Music Edition (Firmware Version # 4.0750.31.2.1).
    I had signed the SIS package and transferred it to my phone. Installation was all the way smooth, but when I selected the theme to Apply. All the settings were implemented as per the theme except phone background in idle mode.
    I set a JPEG picture in the idle background after changing it's size. I dragged this image to Carbide Theme Studio v3.2.
    Although I see the image in the preview windows of Carbide Theme Studio v3.2 in my PC but the image is not getting set as Phone Background in idle mode.
    The size of the SIS file is also only 3KB whereas the size of image itself is around 54KB.

    Please help me out!!!
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    Re: Theme not fully Installed


    You need to apply the image here under resource view--> Background-->Idle Background to see any changes in the idle background. hope you have done this if not please do this and let us know if you are still not able to find the changes in the phone and also for better understanding of the problem please attach the screenshots of the tool where you are making changes.


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