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    [Moved] Application Manager callbacks to midlet

    Hi All,
    Is there any way a Midlet can register with the Application Manager, so that it can get callbacks if the Midlet suite is deleted or replaced by another Midlet suite with same name. I want to delete Midlet written data in RMS whenever the Midlet Suite is replaced. Developing Midlet on Nokia S40s.


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    Re: Application Manager callbacks to midlet

    Please have your queries posted in the right forums to get a quick and an appropriate response.

    In you case, Mobile Java Forums.

    I suppose your thread should be moved shortly.
    Pankaj Nathani

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    Re: Application Manager callbacks to midlet

    When you remove a midlet, its RMS data is removed too, so you must not care about it.
    When you replace a midlet, you could, for example, use an RMS containing current RMS version, so that, if there is a mismatch with current version, you could easily remove all RMS data (and update RMS version accordingly).

    Hope it helps,

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    Re: Application Manager callbacks to midlet

    as for delete there are 2 jad attributes

    which notifies a url of your choice.
    there is no such thing for updateing.
    but u can easly check for updates your self by inserting your version number to the RMS and checking it every time the midlet is started, if the Version number differ from your own hard coded Version number (of the midlet) then an update has occur and u can now do what ever u want.


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    Re: [Moved] Application Manager callbacks to midlet

    Thanks for the responses. I was away from work so saw the
    responses today. The problem that I am trying to address is more of a security concern.
    I don't want a malicious application with same midlet name from replacing my application and reading the RMS data. So I was looking for any way to clear the data when an update is done on my old application.
    Thanks again

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