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    Runtime memory usage


    When checking the total and free runtime memory on Nokia N81 and N82 it is very low (while running my midlet). Free: 5 Total: 500

    How is this memory allocated? Is 500 the maximum size or is more allocated when needed? If so what is the limited?

    I'm fairly new to ME programming and dous not have some much knownledge of the memory usage in Nokai phones. Any recommendation on documentation to read?

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    Re: Runtime memory usage

    What is the free heap at startup value for N82? Has someone checked this with Tastephone application?

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    Re: Runtime memory usage

    Free heap at the start up of your application will depend on factors such as how big your application is.

    I believe the initial heap size is 500k, but this will expand as needed. The maximum size will depend on the free memory available on the device (and so, may depend on what other applications are running at the same time), up to about 6Mb.


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    Re: Runtime memory usage

    Much thanks for the info.

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