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Thread: Platform UID

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    Platform UID


    I've tested my application on:
    • Nokia E65 (S60 3rd Edition)
    • Nokia N95 (S60 3rd Edition, FP1)

    I would like to submit it to Symbian Signed, so that users can install it on devices of both families (S60 3rd Edition, S60 3rd Edition FP1)

    This link specifies Platform UIDs:
    0x101F7961: S60 3rd Edition
    0x102032BE: S60 3rd Edition FP1

    Currently my mmp file contains the following line:
    [0x101F7961], 0, 0, 0, {"Series60ProductID"}
    Should I also add a line with 0x102032BE? What should be the text that replaces "Series60ProductID"?


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    Re: Platform UID

    As far as I understand you can only provide the 3rd ed platform UID since it would install for FP1 too.
    Note: No first hand experience regarding this issue, just my opinion.

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    Re: Platform UID


    Thanks a lot.

    It amazes me quite a lot that Symbian documentation is not completely clear about these basic questions.

    Anyway, that's clearly not your fault, of course .


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