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Thread: User 42 panic

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    User 42 panic

    I am using a web based application where i need to connect to the Web.I create Http request and submit the transaction.
    Now in my destructor i call RHTTPTransaction::Close().The Api panics with User 42 .The user 42 panic in symbian ref doc indicates to me some problem with NUll pointer referenceBut that seems to be of no help as i can't find out the problem.
    can any one help me narrow down on the problem.

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    chandola, Is your MHFRunL() gets called after submitting the request Successfully . Here I mean that all functions (submitL()
    and active scheduler starts)get called properly or it panics before that.

    Can you give us some of ur code .(specially where u initialise and installing your session and your destructor).


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    Re: User 42 panic

    Are you calling RHTTPTransaction::Close() after you've closed the HTTP transaction? Because that would close the transaction too and closing the transaction twice can be fatal. Also makes sure that you haven't closed the transaction object elsewhere in your code.

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