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    Nokia 9210i Communicator and WTLS Connections.....

    Hi, i've recently purchased a 9210i Communicator, intending to use it to trade shares online. The brokers i use, (www.interactivebrokers.com) have a service called Mobile Trader where you can trade via WAP using a secure WTLS connection. They specify the gateway IP address and port, but i cannot get my 9210i to connect. I get an "error in XML document" message. I rang the brokers and they said that they thought that i needed a browser update for my phone, but i cannot find one anywhere on Nokia.com and so this is my last hope. Can anyone help please? Many thanks for your time, David Atcheson

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    RE: Nokia 9210i Communicator and WTLS Connections.....


    It is not possible to update your WAP browser via Nokia.com web site. It is possible to upgrade the phone software but if you have a new Nokia 9210i Communicator, then I assume you have the latest software in it. Have you been able to access the service with some other WAP phone?

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