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    A very simple way to unlock your phone

    After having some issue on settings my phone GRPS parameters I give you a simple solution according to me.

    Important !!! You need to buy the right to access GPRS to your mobile operator. It may be in your Plan


    -Go to http://www.nokia.com/

    -Select your country.

    -Then choose Get Settings.
    -(Choose Get Settings again maybe)

    -Go to Step 1 : Get standard settings
    -A pop-up opens.
    -Accepts terms .
    -Select your phone model (here 6131).
    -Select WAP/GPRS and then Internet (more if you want but these two seems to be necessary)

    -Select your country.
    -Select your Network operator.
    -Then insert the security code, and your mobile phone number.
    Click on Order Settings.
    You'll receive the settings by SMS .

    Thanks to Nokia

    Maybe you'll need to select manually your default access point after that but it's not difficult.


    Now download the Unlock Service Midlet. It will be easy to unlock the SE. You won't have the "No server connection" error

    I hope I'll help some people
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