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Thread: Popup note

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    Popup note

    How to create a popup note that waits user's key pressing?

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    Re: Popup note

    Hi maybe you can do this with

    1) appuifw.query(), it can act similar to pop up menu and when user press key the program executes.

    2) You can do something like this,

    Popup_manu statement
    Until (Keypressed):
    display the popup menu

    but this will be an irritating solution to see, so maybe you can use time.delay() by importing time.

    If these don't work please tell i haven't tried them but will try later if they doesn't work for you.
    IDEAS is all they need but still they think only Genius can give them that.

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    Re: Popup note

    Quote Originally Posted by DrivingMobileInnovation View Post
    How to create a popup note that waits user's key pressing?

    Your program must listen to the keypress events and should give a popup when the required keypress are detected.

    As suggested above you can use the default note from appuifw, or there is also one more popup that you may use. appuifw on and after pys60 1.4.1 also offers an other popup called InfoPopup only on 3rd edition devices.

    You may use that as well.

    Best Regards,
    Pankaj Nathani

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    Re: Popup note

    I mean, I would like to do a pop up note that pops up and when user press any key it goes off.

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    Re: Popup note


    I also have a similar inquery. Please refer to my post here.


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