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(The cell ID is not updated during voice calls... but almost immediately updated when the call hung-up/ended.)

Regarding this known issue "KIS000620 - Location information (Cell ID) not available during active network usage":

It is said that "In some situations canceling the pending network information change notification request followed by a call for retrieving the current network information can help restore the device’s location awareness."

>> Does anyone know which "situations" are those? I tried (Yes, I tried searching the forum a lot...) that method and it's still not working on any phones I tested yet: E61, N73

It is said that "This problem is expected to be fixed in future firmware releases."
(Date identified: April 16, 2007)

>> Please please, anyone knows when this would be fixed? I just updated the N73 firmware today (17 May 2008) but still observed the same problem.

Does anyone know a workaround for this problem?

Apart from using CTelephony, I also tried using AT commands but still facing the same problem...

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