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    Question [Moved] Need Help - Beginner in Symbian Platform

    Hi! i am a beginner in creating application in a symbian platform... i am currently using carbide c++ as my IDE... I am working for project that will build a new codec and player that can be played in the mobile phones (NSeries Phones, v9 & above)... My problem is i don't know how to create that in symbian platform... can someone suggest where i can find a complete source code of a simple player to be my baseline and guide in creating my project...
    Thank You!

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    Re: Need Help - Beginner in Symbian Platform

    http://www.google.com/search?q=symbi...player+project would lead you eventually to https://symbian.helixcommunity.org/ but there might be some other projects out there.

    You may want to start reading the pages indicated in my signature though, you clearly need them both.
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    Re: [Moved] Need Help - Beginner in Symbian Platform

    You don't say if it is audio or video. For audio, you could also try looking at the Symbian Ogg Player (just google for that, or there are links to it elsewhere on this discussion board). That has both versions that use a Multimedia Framework plug-in and not. Either architecture is reasonable if your player is the only thing that is going to use the new codec.


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