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    Quit the Application

    I have made a SIS file for 1st time using ensymble from a python script that runs perfect on my device.

    I am facing many problems with the applications which were not faced in the script.

    The Application does not exit as it does in the script and I have to switch off the device.
    There are no print statements that I can see...

    could anybody wellversed have a say on this.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Quit the Application


    Well its normal that you face such problem while your running first created sis. The exit handler works perfectly in interpreter but the application hangs while exiting in the real application (SIS)

    Here is the solution for you

    In the exit handler you must call appuifw.app.set_exit() for exiting completely (from the embedding Python Shell !)
    set exit()
    Requests a graceful exit from the application as soon as the current script execution returns.
    Other thing is the print statements don't show up as there is no console in the application.
    Here is a solution:
    t.add(u'This will work!')
    Hope this helps,

    Best Regards,
    Pankaj Nathani

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