When i configure one as Terminating and another is Originating, when i send it from terminating to originating. The Originating Emulator will closed immediatelly and the Terminating Emulator have Log as

<I> Tue Dec 31 17:49:16 SGT 2002
<I> Sending message to terminating application (synchronous):
<I> URL: http://localhost:8000
<I> POST / HTTP/1.1
<I> x-nokia-mmsc-message-id: 00000000000000000000000000000001
<I> x-nokia-mmsc-message-type: MultiMediaMessage
<I> x-nokia-mmsc-version: 1.1
<I> Content-Type: application/vnd.wap.mms-message
<I> Content-Length: 22489

<I> Tue Dec 31 17:49:16 SGT 2002
<I> Received response:
<I> HTTP/1.1 204 No Content
<I> Response successfully validated

Is this considered fine?

And How i going to test/view the content in the Phone Emulator? Which is From MMSC to external application.

If anyone can help is highly appreciate.