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Thread: video on 7650

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    RE: video on 7650


    As far as I know, RealPlayer doesn't support MPEG-4 at the moment. You can find answers to the RealPlayer related questions from http://www.realnetworks.com/.

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    video on 7650

    I want to view mp4 video files, just short clips of a few seconds long , on my 7650, by way of demos for clients. I can bluetooth them from the video editing computer without any trouble, but I can't make RealPlayer see them. Please excuse my ignorance, but how do I set RealPlayers url request box to see a file in the inbox or my folder of the messaging app?

    Do I have to have the file extension set to .3gp, or can it recognise the standard .mp4 or other extensions? At the moment I'm using 160x120 resolution.

    Thanks, and a happy New Year to all,

    Chris Merry

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