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    Post Question to start wiht Java Mobile

    i would like start with Java Mobile porgramming. I study information technology, second semster. I'am learning java. Now i had download Nokia prototype with eclipse plugin. I want to test a simple program which prints on the scren "hello". My command is System.out.println("hello"); in a normal class with a main. This doesn't work. Think command syso is inkompatibel with Handy-Javaapps. Have i to use some special commands? Is it necessary to buy such a book like "Java ME. Anwendungsentwicklung für Handys, PDA und Co.: Anwendungsentwicklung für Handys, PDA und Co (Broschiert)" to learn special commands for explicit Java Mobile programming?

    Thanks for help!
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    Re: Question to start wiht Java Mobile

    Hi FisyX,

    welcome to J2ME world

    You could start reading some useful introductory articles, like these:

    * Basics: http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...d_with_Java_ME
    * MIDlet lifecicle: http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...cle_and_states
    * Creating MIDlets (tutorial): http://today.java.net/pub/a/today/2005/02/09/j2me1.html

    Then, for more specific topics (and for useful source code too), you can always check Forum Nokia Wiki pages:


    About the tools you could find useful:

    * Sun Java Wireless Toolkit (tools for creating/emulating Java mobile apps): http://java.sun.com/products/sjwtoolkit/download.html
    * EclipseME (I you have not already installed it): http://eclipseme.org/


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    Re: Question to start wiht Java Mobile

    Thank you for the usefull hinds ;o)

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