i want to start up a mini songs streaming from personal computers to mobile phones "service" that my friends will use, and need you help to do so.
i'm aware of services like phling being out there, but i wish to accomplish the mission myself - other than the fun use of such system this is supposed to be my gradguation work, and i enjoy diy stuff ;]
my questions are -
does a j2me media player that plays media streamed over the web existe? where can i find it? if not, can you please direct me onto some relevat reading stuff?
what would i need to do in order to stream the audio from the pc into the j2me client?
how can i let my friends connect to the server that would acctually stream the music over the internet and in the same time make the server "understand" wich pc is transmitting to each cellular phone?
are there any other stuff you think i need to know on this matter?
thanks alot to all of the helpers!