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    Question [B]How to Detect Socket connection is offline[/B]

    Hi, im trying to catch when an RSocket write method fail because network problems or otherwise, but my app keeps sending data over a connection i know is no longer valid, some body tellme that without reciving data i could check if my app is still connected via RSocket::RemoteName(IAddr) but dont know if this call is also asynchronous so i have to check it via RunL cycle, i use this call just to , if it is, i face a problem i need to check this every time before i send data, and my app is never going to recive something from outside, it only writes data. if you know how can i achive this, thanks a lot

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    Cool Re: How to Detect Socket connection is offline

    ok, i've managed to know my connection is drop just by requesting the remoteName, but now i face the fact that since my connection active object is on the same scheduler my app runs, my app freezes until it can reconnect, and everithing work as usual until my communication get cut again. any ideas?

    Changing priorities as some sugested dont work, i think it is going to be something related with CTimer, anyway if you know something, write please
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