Hello All,

I believe this matter has been posted before, such as this: http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...ad.php?t=73793, but that one doesn't solve my problem really. Or if there were any other thread that i missed and it happened that this thread has been posted before, i would like to apologize .

So, i'm trying to install my application that uses JSR179 on s60 4d FP2 simulator. I've checklisted everything here to make sure i've done the correct method:

1. Application unsigned.. (is there any FREE signing method? >.>)
2. lapi.jar, the Jsr179 library, is already packaged in the application
3. Location API permission has been added (the application also connect to the internet and uses remote device through bluetooth, do i have to add permission for them to? i've tried to add permission for both of them.. but the result was the same)

I appreciate any kind of help. thanks in advance.